Dynamics of the Pride

When Pflames first suggested I write a guest blog for his website, three thoughts came to my mind, in order:

1.    This could be really dope if done right!

2.    Man, I really need to get my website and blog up and running.

3.    Wait a minute…if I write a cool blog, his site is going to get all the attention.  He would reap all the benefits of my work.  That sonofabitch…

I gave him a sideways glance.  See the thing I’ve learned about Pflames is, he’s a lion.  He’s always thinking about what he wants regarding his music and career.  If you’re having a conversation about something, chances are he’s already done his research.  Ain’t. No. Half. Steppin’.  Luckily, it takes one to know one.  I too, am a lion.  As I carefully tucked my ego back away, I once again remembered all the failed collaborations I’ve been apart of, with musicians and artists who weren’t as voracious or clear in their paths.  Times when I was the only roar in the room, or was floating along like a jellyfish with a project that was getting ready to wash out to sea.  The brilliance of the work that I’ve done with Pflames is we both recognize that we are a gestalt.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Having two lions in the den can be risky, and sometimes we prowl cautiously around each other, wondering if our own desire to be the greatest version of ourselves is impeding on the other or being misinterpreted. 

The thing is, together or apart, we both do it in the name of great art.  Reaching a bigger audience with our vision.  Fame and money look good in dreams, but we get up early and stay late for the work.  Days off.  Days on.  We’ve seen each other aim and miss.  We’ve seen each other light the room on fire.  We go hard for ourselves, and occasionally check to make sure the other is still with us.  When needed, we stop and regroup to push forward as a team.  We do it for the music.  When we do it for the ego, we’ve gotten off track and we’ve lost our focus about creating the best art or touching the most souls.  We do it for the music.  So I can’t be mad at Pflames for being a lion.  I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now or being apart of some of the art that I have if he weren’t, or if he didn’t honor the same in me. 

            Always remember to surround yourself with people that inspire your greatest art.

 From our lion’s den to yours…