Days, Years, Hours & Minutes

Starts. Stops. Regrets. Frustration. Anger. Over the time it's taken 2 bring this album 2 fruition. Various other albums & Mixtapes. Finished demos left on the cutting room floor...& Death. Births. Love. Divorce...time...all wasted...all leading me 2 the here & now. 4yrs removed from The F Word...9yrs removed from Catch My Breath & I'm starting over... Meaner, purer...doper...nobody knows how many times I've mixed & remixed & then rerecorded the songs u will soon here. Songs I've added to and then dropped from shows cuz they didn't hold up like I thought they would on stage. I've made fans...lost fans...the same with far as the world at large is concerned...I'm a brand new artist...which is beautiful cuz I'm ready 2 work... 

signing on & pledging allegiance 2 the grind

sincerly yours,  

pflames p esquire