Album’s matter. Long form, storytelling experiences of sound and mind…still matter. Matter of fact, they r still needed. At least that’s the mindset I took when I approached my most recent project.  Less a collection of singles or a randomly thrown 2gether selection of songs made 2 maximize revenue. I decided once again 2 make…an album. Turns out once that was decided and these doors would b opened it turned n2 a grander experience than I had previously envisioned it. I wanted 2 feel myself in it’s groves and lose myself in it’s elements. I wanted artwork that could b posterized on the bedroom walls of people who wanted more than the cookie cutter, paint by numbers music that floods the streets and the radio. I wanted 2 make a discussion piece. A conversation starter. A piece of art 2 b adored and debated. And if I was able 2 bare my cross and battle my ever growing list of demons in the process, then lets call it the icing on the cake. I wanted 2 make a record that people would actually listen to.Be inspired by. Kinda like I was…back when albums mattered.