The Urban Hang Suite

1 of my all time favorite albums. It's takes me back 2 a great period in my life. I remember copping the disc on sale even at Best Buy on a Friday night. It was a pit stop 4 me and 1 of my boys on the way 2 hopefully engage in some female related mischief...we now had the soundtrack. But I was drawn 2 it because of its cover art which was made 2 resemble an old vinyl album cover...that was dope 2 me. I knew I was digging the single he had out at the time...Til The Cops Come Knocking was a banger so I had high hopes 4 it u know?  

Then I pressed play...& was immersed in funky wah wah guitars letting me know I was welcome...& welcome I was. As a 70's soul loving songwriter I was hooked. From start 2 finish it spoke 2 me in a way that most contemporary r&b was not. Like I love beats & I love the feel of hip hop...but when ur singing 2 me...I wanna hear some soulful shit...not a rapper turned disrespect. Granted this was when r&b was slowly transitioning into what it is now...which isn't bad I just feel like post 97-98 it became less about substance and songwriting and more about rhyming words & sometimes clever melodies. At least in the mainstream.  It was a perfect example of pure talent mixed with skilled songwriting that was an authentic throwback 2 an era long gone...& this was in 96' imagine how missed and beautiful it is 2 get lost in in 2015