The beginning

Can't really say where I'm going from here. I have no clue where I will go creatively when this experience is over. As I enter the mixing stages of 1978 I find myself excited bringing these songs back 2 life. Hearing sonic details I had long 4gotten while listening 2 them in they're demo like state. I finally...see the finish line....or is it the starting point? I finally get 2 bring Pflames out of hiding. The pleasures & pain of life have kept me on the outside looking in  4 quite sme time. The reasons, the excuses, the details r unimportant at this point, cuz now it's all about the music. I've always strived 2 b a master at my craft & I believe this record will show this. It's raw, it's honest, it's weird in some places but 💯 me. It's a departure 4 me at least in sound & subject matter. There's no obvious Catch My Breath no If U Go no Addictions. My mindset was/is different this time around. But I rock wit it. It's a time capsule of my life & times.