How I Got Over

How I Got Over!

Automatic, systematic

Don't u know I bring the havoc

Grinding like since 99

I swear I stay on colored time

Stay  late 2 the party

Smelling like kush & a 5th barcardi

Looking like money & u know this

Tryna get right b4 this all bubbles over

 in the fast lane, looking 4 some closure

Watch it fall while keeping my composure

Can't let depression  take over

I just wanna ball from November 2 October

 just wanna run the world in a rover

Instead I'm  ducking cops & Ebola 

 stuck chasin henn wit this soda

Fuck being sober, it's how I got over

Automatic, systematic 

Don't u know I am the baddest

Been in this shit since 92

Look at all the bullshit I been thru

Look at hoes that I been thru

Look at all the dough that I then blew

Look at all the homies I lost 2

The struggle & hustle nigga y not u

U can't  feel my pain

Scars so deep u can't see my chains

Live my life in bondageh

Speaking 2 the beat but it's not responding

Flatline...dead on arrival 

Hand on my bible

Looking 4 a sign I deserve this revival

Eyes on the prize, guess I'm a survivor

Automatic systematic

Can't control this apparatus

Tryn my best 2 keep from cracking

What's the code I hear Em asking

But I won't tell

How do u make bail If ur mind's in jail?

How do u find heaven if ur life's in hell?

Hell if I know, I'm just getting prepared

Tryna find love in a haystack

But I'll pry settle 4 a maybach

Cuz all I get is hate is back

Fuck that, I just wanna get my name back

Bitches wanna play wit my crown

U aint know I'll burn this whole thing down 

Everyday I get colder, fuck what they told ya

It's how I got over