Pflames-Nu Relgion

Nu Religion

Somebody take the fuckin wheel

Been dodging death 4 so long it's lost it's fuckin thrill

Been sacrificing my soul like is this fucking real

It's bout 2 swallow me whole like that's so fuckin trill

Facing regrets I'm perplexed like how we wind up here

Who gives a fuck what comes next, I'm tryna disappear

Find me in the ether blowin reefer

Hopin that my chest caves & I find a slice freedom

It's funny how the world wanna hold me...back

Is it cuz I rap unholy...that

I feels my walls closing on the daily

I tried praying there just ain't no escaping 

My minds wicked, I rhyme splendid I'm trapped

Tightroping the edge I'm bout 2 snap

Fuck where I'm from no looking back

Taste the bitter on my tounge & wait 4 the collapse

Sick of this life I'm living

Gotta find Nu Religion

Need more than wat I'm given

Want more than wat I'm given

Alone wit my screams, shattered glass in a world that's  make believe

Gasoline jeans, hell at the seams

Hatred in the stitching, but them muthafuckas clean

Hoping God's watching over me, Allah or Jehovah' need

Being that's supreme got me clutching all my rosaries

Been cursed since I dispensed from her ovaries

Asking 4 forgiveness but the sinners taken over me

Question life like is there really hope 4 me

In all my visions of life I never saw this

All I ever wanted was just 2 b noticed

Sick of being just a face in the crowd

Now I face the crowd wishing they wld just pipe down

Everybody's out 4 my heart, they want blood

Tho I bleed til I'm anemic but it's never enough

But now I'm all outta fucks & All i got nothing 2 give

I guess sometimes u gotta die just 2 learn how 2 live...

Sick of this life I'm living

Gotta find Nu Religion

Need more than wat I'm given

Want more than wat I'm given

All my heroes r angels, martyrs 4 the cause

Live & die 4 the applause

I used 2 want I just wanna b me, scars and all, even if I fall

I fall on my own 2...fuck it shake the dirt off

And keep movin on 2 the next one

I'm too Cobain 4 this...these niggas ain't even speaking my language

How the fuck I'm supposed 2 hang wit them

Jesus walk wit me...or talk wit me

Cuz everywhere I'm looking 4 signs is dark 2 me

I'm pry going outta my mind, but honestly

Most geniuses r craze least half of the time

I'll walk on water and these niggas pry think that I'm lying

Til I part the seas & bleed, put my blood on the line

I leave my blood on the leaves, til that shit staining the trees

And sign my name upon a crucifix, who's fucking wit me