Ultimately, that's my mindset. I've sat back uncomfortably 4 the last few years & watched & waited...essentially doing nothing. I mean don't get me wrong. I wrote & sporadically recorded enough material for 3 or 4 albums. But always appeared 2 just hang back. There but not really. Some attribute it 2 getting older or having kids, but neither of those things have diminished my underlining fire (shameless pflames reference #1)

Altho absent from the scene, I can easily say I'm performing at my peak genius. Sitting back & experiencing the best & the worst of life has allowed me 2 tap n2 something. Something I'm not even sure I know how 2 explain, but it needs 2 get out. It doesn't need 2 b heard. It needs 2 b felt. And in order 4 me 2 reach the people, I need 2 b with the people. Sleep is the cousin of death & I've been without breath 4 far too long.  

No more setbacks, no more excuses... 



the no longer sleeping giant has entered the building...