So....I've been totally slacking on my blogger duties. I've posted a bit here & there but haven't really done anything consistently.  Probably cuz this divine mind of mine has been all over the place. Trying to figure my life & career out. It's time consuming. My album has slowly been coming 2gether just 2 then come undone. Like the vision seems 2 constantly change. I loved the songs I initially recorded, but I felt there was too much darkness. It was way too stark & introspective. I had totally gotten away from the fun me. In music & life I presume. I didn't really have the motivation 2 b "fun, good times" pflames... Dude just wasn't there. I pretty much allowed life 2 suck my positive energy away.  

Music has always been my shelter. And I've made it my life's work 2 use it 2 show all sides of my life. But my life had become rather 1 sided.  I had allowed this blanket of fear & miscommunication & darkness 2 guide me. Which frankly is bullshit. I allowed a few mistakes & life choices/changes dictate who I am.  Made me scared 2 use my voice & b me...I was lead by guilt & shame...too the point that all my work became portraits of anger & sadness. And if that's all I'm left 2 display, I'm not only robbing me of my gift & the beauty therein, but also anyone else who is cool enough 2 listen 2 me.  It's cool if u wanna share/feel my pain, but shouldn't u also feel/share in my joy? I'd rather give u all of me.  I'd rather b in touch with every sound, color & emotion. 

with that being said on a personal & musical level I'm starting 2 re-embrace the total experience. Life is gonna throw some shade & pain my way, but I'm bound & determined 2 make it all a part of my work & my being & continue 2 embrace the beauty in the struggle.


Pflames P back in this bitch!!!