Love Never Felt So Good

I'll start this off by saying...I am no music critic or journalist, but I just so happen 2 know a thing or 2 about music.  I have an old soul, so there's something about the classics that moves me. Truthfully speaking, when is heard that Epic...ummm...Sony...or whoever it is that owns the label that's partnered with the estate of the late great Michael Joseph Jackson, was releasing a "new" "con temporized" album of MJ material, I was less than enthused. All I could think of was the craptastic album Michael & the Breaking News fiasco.  Then add 2 the fact that the only producer that had actually worked with him b4 was Rodney Jerkins, who was a great Timberland knock off in the 90's & early 2000's... 4 me it just left a lot 2 b desired. 

Until I heard this new single.... 

I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed a MJ single this much since, sadly This Is It & even tho I thought it 2 b a great record (coincidentally these songs were both written around the same time) but it was surrounded by too many emotions 4 me 2 love like I wanted... I.e. I cried like a fucking baby every time I heard it. and b4 that, maybe Scream, but anyway I found this song 2 killer & embody so much of the classic sound that I had 2 check the credits 2 see if Quincy Jones had a hand in it. From the Don't Stop Til You Get Enough drums & percussion...ok & the horns & subtle but funky guitar... Ummm yea, this could have come from the Off The Wall sessions. I think that's why the Timberlake feature worked so well,, cuz anybody who listened 2 the 20/20 Experience can vouch...that's the record they were trying 2 recreate (Take Back The Night anyone). They all of the core elements & production value from that album & made it work quite well IMO...

I can wax poetic all day about the genius of Timbaland & how dope it would have been 2 see them physically in a session 2gether, but the whole point of this was 2 say that the powers that b...(L.A. Reid) have made me excited 4 this release.  If these r the caliber of songs lying around the vault, I can't wait 2 see what they do with them. The fact that they r including the original demos on the deluxe edition plays right n2 my completist/music nerd/OCD ... So that way if Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland lite productions suck... I will still b blessed with the greatness that once was... And I'm cool with that.


p.s. If anybody finds a leak of the MJ/D'Angelo/Jesse Johnson assisted remake of Hot Fun In The Summertime...hit my damn inbox


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