Willing 2 Do The Work

Ugh...i hate being a perfectionist.  Like hate with a passion.  But its part of who I am.  I’ve been slowly obsessing over this mix 2 a song I was planning 2 release Saturday...as in last Saturday.  I guess in the whole scheme of life its not that big of a deal.  As I’ve been actively away from the music scene 4 a few years now I'm sure the anticipation for the track isn’t nearly as big as MY anticipation 2 unleash it on the world.  But I’m rather excited cuz my break is almost over. Like After the whole fuckery that was my life the last 3yrs I have a lot 2 say.  Those that know me personally, know about all the things that have transpired in my personal life. From home foreclosures, death, divorce & parenthood...there’s been a lot going on.

Life has changed everything about me.  It's changed my outlook, my character, the way I approach any & everything...so u can safely assume that it's changed my music.  I would like 2 believe u can hear that change in my songs & my approach 2 making records. Like i can say its weird 2 not be defined by the music.  2 not be consumed by my studio life. At the bare minimum its a daily struggle 2 just be...2 not be writing or recording or planning 2 write or record.  On 1 hand i lose my spontaneity, but on the other it gives me more time 2 make the songs i do create (hopefully) stronger & more impactful (is that a word...or nah?) (eh...actually i hate reading posts where people do that...cuz that’s lame...or na...just playing)

4 whatever reason, my perfectionist nature is being challenged by wanting 2 make sure that every sound I share...every piece of me I try 2 share...is intact & engaging & is a good pay off 4 my years out in the wilderness. So i go back 2 being all encompassed in balancing 808's with bass licks & squiggles, & that my vocals r present & 2 the forefront, and that this hook hits u in the face while making u sing along by the time it repeats.  And when that’s all said & done...i can go 2 song number 2



Pflames P. Esquire Has Left The Building...

(mainly 4 a smoke break cuz this kick is bothering me)

Smoke & F**k feat Y-Milo Coming Soon...4real...no seriously...its coming...& u better like it...Don't make me call Solange!!!!