Born Again

Born Again
It's all or nothing i swear , nothing in this life is fair
Stop asking if im aware, Stop asking me if I care
Stop backing me in a corner & thinking I wouldn't dare
2 Tear these fucking walls down
& shatter everything here
Said I'm a monster bitch, look at what's cooked up in my lair
Frankenstein's mind, seems 2 bellow out in my prayers
I think the worlds mine, every time I yell I'm the greatest
I'd think the world stopped if I ever ran outta haters
I'm paranoid, looking over my shoulders
Peeping thru my own windows, altering my exposure
Bitches looking 4 closure, I tell em look closer
Til they see the truth, it ain't ever been bolder
Burning like neon lights, I swear this wrong feels right
If I dnt make til the morning I'll enjoy this night
I lost myself 4 a second, but when I get right
Ain't no turning back 2 the shit that tried dim my light...

Fuck the world 4 the last time
I've then played humble 4 the last time
U r now fucking wit a land mine
C4 til that fucker blow 4 the last time
Screaming fuck the world 4 the last time
My rear view is just a blur fuck my past life
Take all these fucks that I don't give
And let me show u what time it is...I'm born again

It's all or nothing I swear, stop asking me y I'm here
Stop telling me what u fear
Stop tryna invade my dreams, stop tryna change my beliefs, stop tryna make me u, cuz I just gotta b me
I'm not arrogant I'm a genius that believe what I say
Maybe 4 u & me both, but hell I like it that way
Cuz these chips that's on my shoulders ain't 2 ez sway
And even if I fall my ego will just find me a way
I keep this genie in a bottle & rockets in my garage
In case I need 2 take flight, not stopping til I see God
I swear it's so fucking hard 2 stay quiet when I'm excited
This technicolor reality's, blinding but still I try 2 b
Everything that u want by giving u what u need
But what have u done 4 me...I'll wait
My middle finger's erect, chugging Viagra like its kool aid
Ready 2 fuck the world up this will end 1 of 2 ways
Leave it all up 2 fate, that's what u say
But I chose my own future 2day, so fucking touché