Man in the Maschine

Slowly starting 2 mix the songs on this album. Which is cool. Stressful, but cool. Got way too many things going on in the background, foreground & everywhere in between 2 fully focus tho. Pondering my future in the studio for hire business, fundamentally questioning if this will actually b my swan song as an artist. After being artistically on life support since 2012, it's kinda like starting over again. Like its 2001 & I'm attempting 2 drop my 1st cd all over again. Granted back then I had a lot more enthusiasm 4, well everything. 

The delusions of youth I call it. We partied, we hustled, we wrote. The nerd in me was always apparent tho. I remember being at the strip club ignoring the dancers & my friends cuz I was too busy scribbling lyrics on napkins cuz I got a dope idea when I shoulda been getting a lapdance...ahhhh the good ole days :-) 

Where was I? Oh yea I'm mixing the album, slowly but surely while constantly writing more material. At this point, I can't say 4 sure what songs will make the album, whether it will b a double album or if there will b a mixtape beforehand. I just keep creating...keep working...slowly finding my voice again. Finally finding my inspiration. Hopefully I'll gain a fan or 2. Hopefully I'll b able 2 step out & find my audience. Cuz I really wanna share this body of work with people who get it. People that will appreciate it & hopefully feel something in the process.  

I miss being connected... 


sincerely your, 

Man in the Maschine