Lord 4give me if I seem ungrateful 

Lord 4give me if my will ain't able

I try & I fail 2 b the child that u wanted

Seem I try 2 stay blunted cuz my life feels haunted

Choices that I made chase me down in the light of day

And I'm feeling like my sanity's slowly slipping away

I'm too old 4 the struggle & I hope my babies never see

The mess that they're father was, something like my father was

Dr calling like u need 2 get ur life right

Pastor talking bout me, every time he talk

Right down 2 this overflowing hole in my soul

I can still recall the moment when I started letting go

Ain't it craze how just 1 thing, can manifest itself 

N2 something so overwhelming u downing bottles 4 help

But ain't no happy pill or book 2 teach u how 2 love urself

And u lying saying u fine, just tryna keep it 2 urself

U blind 2 the fact that u hurting those in ur circle

& the ones that used 2 love r now the 1st ones 2 curse u

Cuz ur hell is they're hell but they don't understand

Y u took Em there in the 1st place

Could u pick a worst fate?

U swear on everything u love that things will change

But when that change come r they gone b tired of all the waiting?